Just Do It HQ

Nike hired Gallagher to create a series of physical spaces and experiences across the country that enable new generations of athletes to enter the chase for greatness. The first space to kick off this call to action was the Just Do It HQ in Los Angeles. The objective of the Just Do IT HQ was to convert Goya Studios, a film studio in the center of Hollywood, into a whole-life fitness space able to accommodate 1:1 training, small groups, and classes of at least 40 people, an indoor gym, outdoor workout space, locker rooms, recovery, and a full kitchen for nutrition demos by celebrity chefs. In order for Nike’s pro trainers to conduct a complete schedule of live training programs we had to provide and install equipment for performance training, weightlifting, functional fitness, studio classes, and open format training indoors and outdoors. The objective also included designing and building two retail rooms to integrate guidance for Nike training product selection. Nike also wanted to amplify the experience and asked us to create a media room for live podcasting from the event.