Smitten Touring Vehicle

Gallagher was asked to create this sweet spin on the classic ice cream truck, from initial designs through production and customization of the Kia Soul EV to allow San Francisco-based Smitten Ice Cream to take their high-tech patented Brrr™ ice cream machine on the road. Recipient of a 2014 Shine Award at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show, the cherry red Smitten Ice Cream truck and trailer were designed to be lightweight, functional and delightfully playful, with red and white leather upholstery and waffle cone loudspeakers that emit a modern version of America’s classic ice cream truck tune. Other custom details include tinted back windows to serve as menu boards displaying flavors and specials, a hemlock cab divider to separate the driver from the ice cream equipment, backseat storage compartments for coolers and custom tanks filled with liquid nitrogen needed to instantly freeze the cream and fresh ingredients, a school bus-style “Stop” sign with LED lights that folds out from the rear panels of the vehicle, and a pullout table to use as a work space to craft the gourmet treats. A welcomed delight to consumers and taste-makers alike.