At Gallagher, it is our mission and creative goal to create dynamic experiences that evoke a genuine emotional response, empowering the consumer to immerse themselves in the company’s core values and ideals to solidify a mutually beneficial relationship that promotes consumers to be a brands’ best ambassador.

Building a strong consumer foundation is vital to the success of a brand’s marketing efforts. At Gallagher we work hand in hand with brands to understand their business goals and corporate culture. Designing full scope marketing campaigns and translating that into physical environments and productions is our focus when tasked with aiding a brand to successfully communicate its identity. From innovative and unique brick and mortar spaces to pop-up activations, from touring vehicles to guerrilla marketing stunts, from corporate summits to conferences and exhibitions, from movie premieres to large scale events, whatever the goal, Gallagher is here to create and execute.

There are four pillars to our business . . .

Each pillar is defined and supported by a mastery of skill sets maintained by the professionals on our team. We focus our efforts primarily around a concept which we now consider our mantra for work in general: Work hard, take care of your customers and never stop learning how to become better at what we do.

We at Gallagher have been incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to grow our business alongside some of the world’s biggest brands as partners. When reflecting we feel it is important to acknowledge those whom have played a vital role in our successes…

our clients

our team

Tim Gallagher

John Nouguier

Brendan McDermott

Marci Marlton

Cristina Gomez

Chris Lowenberg

Tiffani Bettendorf

Victor Gomez

Teo Gomez

Daniel Bernards

Martin Herrejon

Patrick Giani

Kurt Nation

Ricardo Hernandez

Derek Warden

Sean Thornton

Ciaran Fitzgerald

Josh Deweese

Jackson Maynes

Armando Barrera

Ashton Trujillo

Tommy Figliulo

Jordan Trujillo

Juan Ochoa

Madison Nouguier

Casey Griswold

Travis Premus

Brad Tennesen

Jacob Harvey

Lauren Emmerson

Mitch McConnell

Kevin Bradley

Sonia Hilson

Kendra Ackerman

Emily Temple

Colin Nagle