Hermès Store Opening in Palo Alto

The Hermès store opening in Palo Alto, CA was an event that truly set a new standard for the world of high fashion brick and mortar. An 82x82x36ft, 6724 sq. ft. tent was constructed on the rooftop of the parking lot of the Stanford Shopping Center, and this was no mere shelter. A fully functional town sat inside, not to mention a commissary, two bars, a dance floor and thousands of miles of cabling. Guests who are handpicked to be a part of such an experience expect the best. Tired of the world of standard photo ops and marketing moments, today’s biggest high fashion influencer brand wanted to give their consumer base a night of revelry that will last in their mind and social media accounts as long as the handcrafted leather they have produced for generations; they overwhelmingly succeeded with the help of Gallagher.