Brand Jordan takes over Michigan

Since the founding of its first team in 1871, U of M has claimed more victories than any other school. Similarly, for over 30 years, Jordan Brand has built a culture by pushing the boundaries of innovation and style; the Jumpman logo has come to represent greatness and unites athletes around the world who are willing to push their limits to be the best. Naturally a jersey collaboration between these two powerhouses would be a sight to behold and set a standard for collegiate athletic wear. As Gallagher has built our foundations upon Nike support of college athletics, we were hired to handle the press release of this historic event. We designed and created a breathtaking space for the product to be displayed. In what seemed like a locker room from the future, statuesque mannequins lined the polished concrete floor encapsulated by glowing display fixtures. These silent warriors donned the new jersey along with Jordan Trainer 1 football cleats, setting a stoic example for continued dominance in football for years to come.