Nike Rams’ Donuts

Nike and the iconic Randy’s Donuts shop in Inglewood teamed up to show their support for the Los Angeles Rams’ arrival in Los Angeles. Randy’s Donuts received a call from the Los Angeles Rams and Nike to partner for a makeover, and the next call was to Gallagher. The enormous doughnut sign atop the shop underwent a Rams-themed makeover, painted bright blue with a yellow Nike and giant “Ram’s Donuts” logo. In addition to the build, Gallagher was asked to produce a celebration event in the parking lot consisting of special limited-edition Super Bowl Jersey retail opportunity, Nike shoe giveaways, a live DJ, and of course lots of donuts. The Mayor of Inglewood even came out to show his support, “Everyone is really fired up over this. People are loving it, everyone from the community is coming out to support.” The media was abuzz about the event for weeks, a truly successful marketing campaign.